Fri 05.11.2021 19.00 - 21.00

Tapiola Sinfonietta: Reflections

Espoo Cultural Centre, Tapiola Sinfonietta - Kulttuuriaukio 2 02100 Espoo

Janne Nisonen
, violin & orchestral leader 

Joonas Kokkonen: ”...durch einen Spiegel...”
Kaija Saariaho: Nymphéa Reflection
François-Joseph Gossec: Symphonie à 17 parties in F major

As different as Joonas Kokkonen and Kaija Saariaho are as composers, they both approached a sense of indescribable mystery in the works presented in this programme. Kokkonen’s ...durch einen Spiegel... was inspired by a spiritual vision, while Saariaho’s Nymphea Reflections owes something of its enigmatic sounds to the visual experience of the water-lily paintings of French Impressionist Claude Monet. A classical contrast is provided by the Symphonie à 17 parties by Belgian-French François-Joseph Gossec, known as the ‘composer of the revolution’.

Pre-Concert Talk by Kimmo Korhonen (in Finnish), Tapiola Hall 6.15-6.35 pm.

Meet the Artists after the concert, Tapiola Hall. Arranged by the Friends of Sinfonietta Society.

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Espoo Cultural Centre
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