The toilets and a toilet for the disabled in addition to a child care room in the museum area, are open during the museum’s opening hours. There are no other public toilets on the island.
The museum area is an old fisherman’s estate and only partially accessible for persons with reduced mobility. Villa Rosengård and Lilla Villan are accessible by a ramp. There are some high doorsteps in the museum area. Gurli’s house is unfortunately not accessible for persons with reduced mobility, as the house contains stairs and small spaces. The use of a personal assistant is recommended for persons with reduced mobility or a visual impairment.

The walking paths in the museum area are surfaced with stone dust and sand. 

The nature trail and other paths outside the museum area are forest paths with rocks, tree roots, soft sand and other obstacles. Rocks and cliffs may be slippery.

The terrace and restaurant in the Paven pavilion are accessible by a ramp. The pavilion is owned by the Esbo Segelförening yacht club and not a part of the Archipelago Museum.