You are free to bring your own snacks to Pentala island, enjoy the delicacies served by Cafe Lillstugan in the museum area, or have lunch in the Paven archipelago restaurant. If you bring your own meal, you can eat in the museum’s breakroom Lilla Villan, or in the great outdoors as long as you leave nothing behind.

Please think about the environment and bring as little rubbish to the island as possible. The nature trail is not equipped with rubbish bins. 

Lilla Villan
If you have brought your own snacks, you can enjoy it at Lilla Villan, which is open during the museum’s opening hours. Small groups can also use Lilla Villan as a breakroom or a work space. Its front yard is equipped with tables and benches.

  • Lilla Villan is accessible by a ramp.
  • Drinking water is available from the tap on the wall outside the toilet building. As Pentala Island is connected to the water system of the City of Espoo, the water is clean tap water.
  • Lilla Villan also has a microwave oven.
  • Please put rubbish in the bin and clean the breakroom when you leave, so that other visitors can also enjoy a clean space.