Facilities and facility rental


Facility rental


Kannusali is a venue designed for theatre performances, film screenings and concerts. The atmospheric space and modern presentation technology make it an ideal venue for a wide variety of performances and events. The stage size is 12 m x 8 m. The space can be made completely dark. Kannusali is equipped with a high-quality PA system, theatre lighting, video projector and digital projector. The auditorium has 243 seats in ten slightly ascending rows. Performers have access to spacious dressing rooms and a backstage area.




Nekka space. Table and chairs.
Kannusali also features the Nekka space, which can be used for small public events. Nekka has a small stage equipped with presentation technology and seats for about 60 people.

Kannusali and Nekka are rented out for public events, meetings and seminars. Their usage fee is calculated on an event-specific basis. Facility rental and price enquiries: Simppu Silaste, Operations Master, tel. +358 50 594 2755 (weekdays 9 am–5 pm). E-mail: firstname.lastname@espoo.fi




The premises are not fully accessible. Kannusali and Nekka are located in a bomb shelter with a long and steep ramp, which is why we recommend that persons who use a wheelchair should have an assistant. The personnel will also assist if needed. You can reach us on 050 368 7931. The auditorium is equipped with an audio induction loop. Some Finnish films have subtitles for the hard of hearing. If the film has subtitles, this is mentioned in the event announcement.