KULPS! – Culture and Sports path


The KULPS! Culture and Sports path is a culture and physical education tool of the schools of Espoo used to promote cooperation between the schools and cultural and sports actors. The goal of KULPS! is to provide equal opportunities for children to experience and create art, learn how to use the diverse offerings of the libraries as well as to try out different sports and sports venues in a diverse manner.

The contents of the KULPS! paths are a free part of education for comprehensive school pupils. KULPS! introduces new and diverse learning environments to the school day. KULPS! comprises three paths: a culture, sports and library path. The contents of the culture and library paths are provided on the Cultural Education website at kulttuuriespoo.fi and the contents of the sports path are provided in the KULPS! room of Fronter.

The KULPS! Culture and Sports path supports Espoo-based cultural and sports actors in designing a topical programme supporting the curriculum targeted at schools as well as in developing cooperation.

KULPS! is a joint effort of Espoo’s Finnish Education, Swedish Education Unit, Cultural Unit and Sports and Exercise Services.

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