Facilities and actors


Designed by Nurmela–Raimoranta–Tasa Architects, Karatalo was opened in 1987. Karasali is one of the venues used for cultural events produced by the City of Espoo Event and Cultural Services. Events open to the public are also organised by the other actors in the venue, children’s theatres as well as individual artists and cultural communities.

The Karakallio Youth Centre operates in Karatalo. Karatalo offers various spaces for teaching and activities. The organisations providing teaching include Swedish Education and Cultural Services, Espoo School of Art, Juvenalia Music Institute, Rhythm Music School Tauko and Omnia (Espoo Adult Education Centre). In addition, an active group of different recreational groups rehearse in Karatalo. There is a small exhibition space in the main lobby.


The Karakallio Creative project
A project called Karakallio Creative has been launched in Espoo’s Karakallio district. Its goal is to liven up Karakallio with art and events, increase its vitality and spark positive interest towards public art. Karakallio Creative will be a positive example of innovative ways to understand and develop urban spaces. Karakallio Creative is planning an open event for the general public in Karakallio on 10–11 November. More information about the event will be released in the near future when the plans are confirmed. The project is executed by Elävä Espoo, a registered association that belongs to the Upeart art collective that coordinates public art development projects.



Karasali is a multipurpose facility that is well suited for concerts, dance performances and small theatre performances. It can be adapted for both public events and recreational activities. The venue has a telescopic stand with 137 ascending seats. The stage is at floor level. The projector room is equipped with a PA system, lighting control and video projector.

Exhibition space
The exhibition space in Karatalo’s main lobby is suitable for small exhibitions. You can apply for the use of the exhibition space by sending an informal application. Karatalo does not collect usage fees for exhibitions. Enquiries about booking the exhibition space and informal applications with enclosures and/or work samples: karatalo@espoo.fi