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Espoo event and cultural centres closed till 13 May 2020

The cultural centres in Espoo are taking preventive steps to prepare for the impacts of the coronavirus. The Sello Hall, Espoo Cultural Centre, Exhibition Centre WeeGee, Karatalo, Children’s Cultural Centre Aurora and Kannusali are now closed till 13 May 2020. All events have been cancelled/postponed till 31.5.2020.

You can return any tickets purchased in advance following Lippupiste’s instructions:
http://www.lippu.fi/palautus and https://web.lippu.fi/palautus/. For more detailed information, visit the website of each respective centre. We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this development.

Check for updates www.espoo.fi/coronavirus


Karatalo is a diverse venue for culture, art and recreational activities. The building also houses youth services and facilities for teaching and activities. The organisations providing teaching include Swedish Education and Cultural Services, Espoo School of Art, Juvenalia Music Institute, Rhythm Music School Tauko and Omnia (Espoo Adult Education Centre).  In addition, an active group of different recreational groups rehearse in Karatalo.

Karatalo takes the wishes of local residents and the interests of the public at large into account. Activities and events are arranged for everyone. Karatalo is a low-threshold venue: participate, see and try your hand at a variety of activities – come as you are.

Opening hours

Karatalo is open on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9 am–5 pm and during events.





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