Schools and day care groups



The classroom at the school museum lets you experience what school was like a hundred years ago at the first elementary school in Espoo. What subjects did the pupils study? How did the teacher discipline unruly pupils? How has school changed in 100 years? Suitable for: Early childhood education (preschool), primary school (1st–3rd grade), upper secondary level

Reservations by telephone from Glims Farmstead Museum, tel. 09 816 27337 or by e-mail Lagstad School Museum is open to groups according to agreement Tue–Fri at 9–15.

Reservations no later than one week in advance, except for the Villa Museum Villa Rulludd and Lagstad School Museum, for which reservations no later than two weeks in advance. Groups with an advance reservation are welcome starting at 9:00. Guided tours are free of charge for early education, pre-school and school groups. Guided tour language options: Finnish, Swedish, English and plain Finnish. We also give guided tours to language immersion groups in Swedish or Finnish. When booking a guided tour, please indicate the size of your group, the age of the pupils, the name of the day-care centre or school and the contact details of the group leader. Special learners are welcome. Please mention any special needs in your group when booking.

Street address:
Vanha Lagstadintie 4
Lagstad hembygdsgård
02770 Espoo

Accessibility: The old classroom of the school museum is located on the upper floor of the building. There is no lift.