Cultural activities for children and young people at one address

Espoo’s Cultural Education website is intended as an information search tool for teachers and educators who work in early childhood education, comprehensive schools or secondary education. The cultural activities for groups of children and young people in Espoo are presented on the Cultural Education events tab.

You can use the Cultural Education website to find information about suitable cultural contents for your group. You can filter contents on the Cultural Education events tab based on the target group or cultural genre, for example. If you are looking for activities offered by a specific cultural operator, type their name in the open Search field. Additional information relevant to teachers and educators is listed in a separate section on each event page. When you find a suitable event, contact the cultural actor organising it directly.

The contents of the Cultural Education website are updated on a seasonal basis; information on the autumn season is published in May and information on the spring season is published in December. Cultural actors are responsible for keeping their own information up to date. The website is maintained by the Cultural Unit of the City of Espoo.

Cultural Education Events

We wish you enjoyable cultural experiences!

Contents of the KULPS! Culture and Library path

The contents of the KULPS! Culture and Library path for comprehensive schools have also been added to the Cultural Education events tab on the Cultural Education website. You can filter contents based on the KULPS! category or KULPS! grade.

The KULPS! Culture and Library path is a cultural and sports education tool for Espoo schools. The contents of the KULPS! paths are a free part of education for comprehensive school pupils. All pupils are entitled to utilise KULPS! in diverse ways as a part of their education.

Read more about KULPS!

Children at the Kutitus festival at Espoo Cultural Centre 2016
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