In Elementary School - the History of Elementary School in Espoo

The exhibition presents the history of the elementary school system in Espoo, from the first municipal elementary school, Lagstads folkskola, to modern times.

The exhibition is situated on the first floor, in the room that used to be a classroom. Objects from elementary schools in Espoo dating from the early to mid-20th century are displayed, as well as records about the teachers and the students’ school years. Information about the school books, curriculums and school lunches is also displayed. There are also a couple of desks in the room, where you can sit down and reminisce about your school days.

The exhibition is housed in the Lagstad hembygdsgård building, which was the first elementary school building in Espoo. Lagstads folkskola opened in 1873 and the building was used until the end of the year 1954 when the new school house had been finished.  The old school then housed the offices of various Espoo administrative departments. Nowadays the building has been rented to Esbo hembygdsförening (a society for local history) who use it as headquarters, hembygdsgård.  The building has been restored to what it used to look like when it was an elementary school.

Artefacts and other material relating to schools were collected for a long time for the Espoo City Museum collections. The Lagstad School Museum was opened in 2003 and is part of the Espoo City Museum Family.
Unfortunately the exhibition is not accessible for wheelchair users, as the classroom is on the first floor of the building.

The Teacher’s Flat

The exhibition continues in the outbuilding, which is where the teacher used to live. Equipment was also stored there. The rooms were used for different things at different times. Equipment that was not in use was put in storage, and in the 1930s the same room was used for both technical crafts and as a gymnasium. The workbenches were moved to the hall when it was time for physical education class. The museum now displays objects relating to physical education, crafts and school plays in a new storeroom.
There is also an activity area in the old teacher’s flat, where you can browse old school books while sitting at old desks. Accompanied by a guide you may also try writing with chalk or ink and to use an abacus. Groups may book the room to accompany a guided tour.

For group bookings, please call Glims Farmstead Museum at +358 (0)9 816 27337.