Guided tours



A guided tour is an excellent idea for a get-together between friends, office recreational day, study visit by an association or a birthday party.

  • Group size maximum 25 persons
  • Bookings at least one week in advance tel. (+358) 09 816 57052
  • Tours are offered at any time within the museum hours: Tues, Sat-Sun 11 a.m.-5 p.m., Wed-Fre 11 a.m.-9 p.m.
  • Fee 50€ + entrance to the Exhibition Centre WeeGee (12/10 €, free entry for children under 18 years and seniors over 70 years of age).
  • Our tours are available in Finnish, Swedish and English. Be sure to mention in which language you want your tour!

Guided tours are available in all current exhibitions in KAMU. Check the themes of the exhibitions here.

KAMU recommends:

Different Espoo guided tour €50/group, max. 25 people

What makes Espoo a little different as a city? The guided tour includes highlights of the Espoo area’s history from the Stone Age to the present day at the exhibition A Thousand Stories about Espoo.

Stories of Another Kind (R18) guided tour €50/group, max. 25 people

This guided tour for adults gives an entertaining insight into other types of stories from history. Featuring forbidden love and acts of violence as well as scandals and ghost stories from the exhibition A Thousand Stories About Espoo.

Greetings from Espoo! workshop €50/group, max. 25 people, starting from 18 March 2020

Rome has the Colosseum, Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Helsinki has its Cathedral and Market Square, but what does Espoo have? In this workshop, we reflect on what makes Espoo famous from a humoristic point of view and prepare a postcard from Espoo.

Calendars and museum experiences – WeeGee history tours €50/group, max. 25 people

This tour explores the printing house famous for its concrete architecture, which currently serves as the museum’s exhibition centre. The tour reveals where WeeGee got its name, why it is located in Tapiola and what kind of museum experiences people can enjoy there today. There will also be stories about people who have worked at WeeGee. The tour is suitable for everyone who wants to conquer the whole building at once and explore its unique architecture.

Guided tours outside the museum          

The knowledgeble guides and staff of the Espoo City Museum also venture out of the museum to give lectures and arrange guided tours. Read more here!